Happily Divorced eBook now available on Amazon

Happily Divorced is now available as an eBook! Last March, I attended a gathering of media professionals, authors, and entrepreneurs.  It was my first event of any kind EVER where I was claiming the title of author.  Being surrounded for the entire week by other creative sorts was a joy as this was not my […]

An Extra Special Happily Divorced Book Launch Surprise

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that in addition to bringing you the awesome original band, The Fiddle Revolt, live on stage, there will be another special guest in attendance.  And maybe you’re wondering who on earth this could be.  Is it another musician, celebrity, a local sports personality, or another author?

Happily Divorced – A Book Launch with Purpose

At the Happily Divorced Book Launch, you will have the opportunity to hear my son Ian’s band, The Fiddle Revolt who will play live on stage for you.  They have a refreshingly original sound with thought provoking lyrics which I think you will really like! 

Things Are Looking Up

To come through my rewrite, I did what I’ve always done since we divorced. I honored the golden rule.

Happily Divorced – The Overhaul

I nearly scrapped the whole project. What good is telling our story of success as co-parents and preserving our friendship all these years if when it is all said and done, publishing a book about it wrecks all of that?

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