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Get Help Creating Your Parenting Plan

After you and your child’s other parent split, your relationship as co-parents lives on. How well that works out is up to both of you.  Establishing a parenting plan can provide you with a blueprint for success, but it can be a very emotional process leaving you vulnerable to missing key items or getting bogged down in disagreements.

Help is available!

Teresa will virtually coach you together or separately through the process to ensure that everything is covered and all concerns are resolved. When you’re done creating or updating your plan, you’ll have a foundation upon which to build a collaborative co-parenting relationship.

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Co-parent Course Correction

Having a hard time getting on the same page with your co-parent? Tired of fighting? Teresa will help you to reset your relationship, bring peace to your interactions, and reclaim your happiness. 

The Co-parenting Course Correction is a great solution not just for co-parents but stepparents and extended family members having trouble adjusting to changing family dynamics. Whether your conflict is recent or decades old, it is never to late to improve a difficult relationship. Teresa has personally lived this journey and will walk this path with you.

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