Our Road to Happiness

When Bob and I divorced, I thought it was the death of our family.  Little did I know then that our family could or would take on an entirely new form – one that works for us and allows us all to be happy.

In this blog, I will introduce you to our little family and share with you just how we came through our divorce, shared equally in our son’s life as he grew, and have maintained a strong friendship to this day.  I’ll tell you how we’ve navigated parental decisions, family events, holidays, and even new romantic relationships.

Why am I sharing our story with you?  Because achieving this saved my soul which otherwise might have disintegrated into a million pieces and blown away.  Second, as my son was growing up, we had countless parents, friends, teachers, and others express to us that they really appreciated how we handled our situation and wished others would choose similarly.  Well I don’t know if everyone can but I do believe that everyone should at least consider the possibility.

Let’s face it.  There are way too many unhappily divorced families. And for that matter, I know of way too many married couples that stay together “for the sake of the kids”.  I’m not convinced they’re not doing the kids (and themselves) more harm than good. So I want to paint a picture of a model of family life some may not have considered possible. For too many, the family doesn’t survive and the children are forced to live with heartbreaking decisions from where they live to what activities they share with each parent.  And to what end?  Who benefits from choosing all of that misery?

In addition to sharing our story, I will also invite others to share their stories – both the good and the bad so that we may all learn from each other.  Maybe some of you reading this are newly divorced and have created your own formula for success and happiness.  Or maybe you’re not sure if it is even possible to save your family. Maybe you feel you would have a better shot at happiness if you divorced but you can’t face the possible death of the family. I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to!

If you are recently divorced, I hope our story will help you navigate relationships with your ex, your children, your family, and friends more successfully.  You can create a new happy version of your life and the lives of those around you.  If you are contemplating divorce, this blog may enlighten you to the myriad of circumstances and decisions you will face. Heck, you may even decide that it would be  worthwhile to try just a little harder to save the current version of your family.  Is the choice you’re considering really worth it?  Maybe it is.  Maybe it isn’t.  Only you can answer that question.

As you read our blog, I hope you’ll let us know what you think.  Have you been through this too? Tell us your story. Does someone else need to read this information?  Share this blog with them!   Do you think this is all just a load of crap?  We want to hear why you think that too.  Shoot us a comment…


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