Happily Divorced




Happily Divorced is a story 20 years in the making. Unlike other books on co-parenting, this book is not written by a psychologist or social worker. It is a first-hand account of co-parenting from a family who took the journey and triumphed. When their son was only six-years-old, Teresa and Bob divorced. But rather than giving up on their family, they fought for its survival. Through a series of intentional choices and consistently honoring the Golden Rule in dealing with one another, the Harlow family not only survived but thrived.

Happily Divorced is not a handbook. It offers experiences both good and bad that the divorced couple faced as they raised their son. The book is written by the mom, Teresa, with the father, Bob, and son, Ian, contributing their perspectives as well. Take the journey with the Harlows as they navigate the circumstances of divorce and co-parenting. You’ll learn how they handled the breakup, school matters, discipline, extra-curricular activities, career choices, extended family, shared friendships, new romantic interests, stepparenting, and much more.

Recommended reading for divorced parents, those contemplating divorce, their children, their families, their friends, and the professionals who support them. Also an excellent read for blended families and those seeking to improve every relationship – from the former spouse, to a co-worker, child, parent, or even an adversary.



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