February 4, 2020

The Kind Approach to Co-Parenting—with Teresa Harlow – EP17

27 minute podcast

The decision to divorce is a difficult one, especially if young children are involved. No parent wants to miss half of their kiddo’s childhood. But how do we learn to co-parent in a positive way? What strategies can divorcing couples use to create a happy life for their child AND themselves?

Co-parenting expert Teresa Harlow is the author of Happily Divorced: A Journey Through Divorce & Co-Parenting by the Golden Rule. She acquired her expertise through firsthand experience, and today, she is committed to making positive co-parenting the expectation for divorced parents—rather than the exception. A well-known speaker and blogger in the co-parenting space, Teresa advocates for using the Golden Rule to improve every one of our relationships, and she believes that the painful decision to divorce does not have to mean a pain-filled life.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Teresa joins Emerald to share the powerful moment when she was called to find a different way to co-parent and maximize the time both she and her ex spent with their child. She explains how she shifted the way she communicates with her ex-husband and why a similar value system is key in Golden Rule co-parenting. Listen in for insight on demonstrating the kindness you’d like to receive and get Teresa’s advice around letting your ex know when you bring a new adult into your child’s life.

What You Will Learn Teresa’s calling to offer the world a model of positive co-parenting

  • How Teresa shifted the way she communicates with her ex
  • How Teresa and her ex maximize time spent with their child
  • Why a similar value system is key in Golden Rule co-parenting
  • Teresa’s invitation to define what kindness means to you
  • The disqualifiers that may preclude positive co-parenting with an ex
  • Informing your ex when you bring a new adult into your child’s life

Don’t do it in front of kids Don’t let ex be last to know What gives Teresa the courage to share her family’s story

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