I’m Teresa Harlow, mom to the most amazing human being I’ll ever have the pleasure of spending time with – Ian Harlow, and friend / ex-wife to Bob Harlow – the best father anyone could choose for their child.  I am new to blogging and maintain a full-time job in corporate America.  I am excessively intrigued by family relationships – both how they feed our soul and drive us crazy.

As I move through this life making mistakes and learning the lessons which “the family”  offers us, I am compelled to share my experiences with the world.  Hopefully, you’ll be entertained and maybe even get some ideas along the way that could work in your family.

I’ve already told you that Ian, pictured center here is an amazing human being. He’s also an excessively talented musician looking for his first big break.  Oh I so hope he gets this as the world really needs to hear what he has to offer.  I would hate for humankind to miss out on that!

Bob, pictured left is Ian’s dad and my friend who also happens to be my ex-husband. I think Bob may be late to his calling as a writer and comedian but you’ll have to let me know what you think as he will likely be contributing in this blog too. Bob is in sales and is one of those guys who knows everyone, talks to everyone, and always “knows a guy” or has a tool if you need something done.  I am so glad I picked him to be the father of our child.

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