Turbocharge Teamwork & Accelerate Results - Like a Rock Star!

“Teresa Harlow brought the energy with her 3 Cs of Collaboration Immersive Rock ‘n’ Roll Experience. The room was engaged, laughing, and rocking it out!”

—Erin Ressa, Key Bank, Key4Women Co-Chair

“Teresa connected with our members in a way that truly moved them. Using stories and her unique brand of interaction, Teresa combined valuable information, humor, passion, and audience engagement to create a memorable experience.”

—Stacey R. Rose, Executive Director, ADR Institute of British Columbia

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Teresa Harlow Rock n Roll Keynote Speaker

Business efforts involve products (or services), processes, and people. One of these three is not getting its fair share of attention—people! Few business efforts are accomplished start to finish by a single person. Teamwork and collaboration are the key to optimizing business team performance.

With this in mind, shouldn’t investing in your team’s collaboration skills be a top priority? And if you’re going to invest, you need an expert.

Bring collaboration expertise into your organization with the Team Optimization Program, a collection of best practices Teresa developed during her 34 years leading large corporate programs. Your team will learn how to improve collaboration and elevate results as they participate in Teresa’s one-of-a-kind immersive keynote “Collaborate Like A Rock Star!” and series of ROCKshops tailored to your business needs.

Read on for a taste of these compelling presentations and see what people are saying about them.

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What if you could bring products and services to market faster and cheaper all while creating a better work environment for your employees?

With a background in performing arts coupled with an impressive 35-year track record in enterprise Program Management and Technology, professional speaker, Teresa shares the secrets of her success turning chaos into collaboration and collaboration into results

Based on her 3 Cs of Collaboration framework, Teresa shares how to put the power of collaboration to work in your organization to save time and money while creating a happier workforce.

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Rock Band Style Business Collaboration

“Teresa Harlow brought the energy and set the bar high with her 3 Cs of Collaborations Immersive Rock ‘n’ Roll Keynote Experience. I highly recommend Teresa if you’re looking for a fun way to engage your team.”

—Katie, Key Bank

“This session provided invaluable insights into the importance of the 3 Cs in building a successful business and team. Teresa Harlow’s message was a powerful reminder of the synergy between civility, caring, & communication.”

—Lucienne Thomas Jawo, Financial Consultant, Now Matters

I REALLY enjoyed Teresa and her collaboration training event! It really hit home with me. I’ve been doing the same work for over 30 years and my tolerance level has dwindled. Teresa helped me realize, in a fun interactive way, that that is no excuse. I was surrounded by so many others who also really enjoyed Teresa and her training.

—Cathy Harper Lee, Founder, Ohio Crime Victim Justice Center

Collaborate Like a Rock Star!
Immersive Keynote

Great for: Trade Associations, Technology Organizations, Leadership Conferences, Customer Care Organizations, HR Professionals, Educators, Business Owners, Sales Organizations, Consulting Firms


Discover the fast and cost-effective path from idea to implementation with Teresa’s 3 Cs of Collaboration Framework. And don’t you long for more than just a speaker for your event? Why not give your audience an experience?!?!

With an impressive 30+ year track record in enterprise Program Management and Technology, Teresa was charged with leading the biggest, hairiest, most cutting-edge initiatives on the planet for some of the world’s largest companies. In doing so, she developed her signature collaboration and business results framework which she used repeatedly to achieve massive results leading her teams.

Combining this experience with her background in performing arts, Teresa developed a one-of-a-kind full audience engagement format in her Immersive Rock ‘n’ Roll KeyNOTE and ROCKshops to offer an unforgettably FUN experience. Audiences walk away with the knowhow to immediately begin saving time and money on their entire book of work.

Teresa brings the energy, the message, and the full tilt interaction creating a unique experience every time driven by audience participation.

NOTE: This keynote is even more impactful when paired with the follow-up 3 Cs of Collaboration ROCKShop!

What The Audience Will Leave With

    • The Musical Score for the 3 Cs of Collaboration: Civility, Communication, and Caring
    • The Collaborative Behavior Playlist
    • A template for participants to compose their personal 3 Cs of Collaboration Masterpiece
    • The joy of performing a musical number with their colleagues during the event.

Don’t worry. No one is forced to hop up on stage or do a solo. But those who want to may be offered the spotlight.


    • Save time and money on business and technology projects
    • Improve team communications and collaboration
    • Reduce workplace disputes
    • Increase employee AND customer satisfaction and retention

Duration: 60 Minutes

“Thank you Teresa! A great capstone to our core training.”  

Tracy Ann Moore Grant

Founder & Chair of the Board, Amicable Divorce Network

Teresa Harlow Keynote Speaker Civility

3 Cs of Collaboration “ROCKshop”

Workshops are boring. ROCKshops are FUN!

Great for: Technology Teams, Leadership Training, Operations Managers, Educator Training, Consulting Firms, Sales Teams

Description: Toxic communications can destroy relationships and derail business efforts. What are you doing to ensure your teams know how to prevent or diffuse hostility and move from combative to collaborative when tensions flare?

During this interactive workshop ROCKshop, Teresa helps your group to identify the specific challenges which are holding them back and work through the musical exercise to gain an understanding of how they can leverage the 3 Cs of Collaboration to resolve their specific issues.

Continuing to use the rock band as her inspiration, Teresa provides every attendee with a childhood music instrument. But this time, rather than everyone learning the same song, the group is broken into smaller ensembles to use the 3 Cs to form their band and learn to play a song together from the list provided.

As participants collaborate in groups applying the 3 Cs in their efforts, they practice using the Collaboration Playlist to build strong relationships and restore harmony where there is discord.

Participants will also be challenged to apply the 3 Cs to their most difficult relationships. Rather than have interactions with such individuals devolve into unproductive exchanges that just make matters worse, participants will learn how to redirect hostility and reconcile combative behavior.

What The Audience Will Leave With

    • The 3 Cs of Collaboration Musical Score
    • A plan, leveraging the 3 Cs Playlist, to address the challenges defined by the client in-advance AND the participants during the session
    • One-of-a-kind memories of forming a rock band and making music with colleagues

Duration: 2 – 4 hours customized to client’s needs and team size

Teresa Harlow Speaker


    • Resolve interpersonal conflicts within and across teams
    • Improve team collaboration, work productivity and quality
    • Increase employee satisfaction and reduce turnover
    • Restore, retain, and strengthen key business relationships

“Teresa offers a fresh approach to those struggling with combative relationships. I am glad I was able to offer her valuable and engaging presentation to my clients.”

Adam Koos

President, Libertas Wealth Management Group

“NAWBO Columbus attendees rated Teresa’s speaker quality and content as excellent.”

Arien Lawless

Columbus Chapter Manager, National Association of Women Business Owners

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Need help overcoming obstacles and getting better business results from your teams? Or maybe you need help with a difficult co-parenting or family relationship. Send Teresa a message or give her a call to find out how she can help. We’d love to hear from you!