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This book is absolutely excellent. As a divorce attorney, it is a wonderful resource to give clients who need help co-parenting. The messaging is clear, relatable and helpful. Glad to have found this book for my clients!”— Amazon reviewer

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Combative to Collaborative

The Co-parenting Code


“Couples who have experienced the trauma of divorce and are trying to co-parent their children in the best possible way, will find this book extremely helpful.”– Gary Chapman, Ph.D. Author of The 5 Love Languages

This book is a true breakthrough for co-parents struggling to positively interact or who want to get it right from the beginning. I highly recommend it!”— Jack Canfield, Coauthor of the bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul® series 

Co-parenting doesn’t have to be hard, or mean sacrificing either your family or your own happiness. It’s simply a matter of focus and choices. Combative to Collaborative: The Co-parenting Code channels parents’ interactions with each other to what they really want…to be good parents together. But while most co-parenting books tell parents to just put the kids first even if that means sacrificing their own happiness, Combative to Collaborative shows parents how supporting each other as good parenting partners ensures they do what’s best for their kids while also achieving personal happiness. Move from anger, hurt, and loss to consideration, kindness, and cooperation.

Co-parenting Help Has Arrived with Combative to Collaborative: The Co-parenting Code

In her second book on the topic of co-parenting, Teresa digs into co-parenting on a much deeper level to expose both the obvious and not-so-obvious behaviors that set the stage for combative relationships and make co-parenting miserable for everyone.  

You will discover:

  • How to diffuse a co-parent’s snarky behavior and avoid triggering their hostility
  • How to recognize your own combative behaviors and stop exhibiting them
  • How to plan for co-parenting collaboration and success
  • How to correct course when a relationship goes astray – even after many years of conflict!

The book is divided into three stages: Uncoupling, Life Goes On, and Correcting Course. Whether parents are newly separated, well into their journey, or have been at it for years, this book will guide the way.

First we examine both blatant and subtle behaviors that derail parenting efforts in divorced, separated, and blended families. These behaviors make life miserable for everyone. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Many parents are getting it right. Families are being saved and children are growing up happy in new modern versions of the family.

After reviewing combative behaviors, we look at true parenting stories to explore how real parents have handled situations both successfully and not as well. As you read these stories, you’ll learn what worked and what didn’t. You also may find yourself identifying with those who have suffered missteps, knowing you’re not alone.

Following the real-life examples, we take inventory of the DOs and DON’Ts of collaborative behaviors. Finally, at the end of each chapter, questions help parents apply an empathetic mindset to their own situation and achieve the positive outcome they desire. This is The Co-parenting Code.

Combative to Collaborative: The Co-parenting Code is the essential guide for parents living separately to not only improve life for their children, but also for themselves and everyone that surrounds them. You can save your family. You can be happy! A painful decision does not have to mean a pain-filled life.

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Happily Divorced

A Journey Through Divorce & Co-Parenting by the Golden Rule

“This book has information that is valuable not only to the separating couple but to their families and friends. I highly recommend it!”—William L. Geary, Family Law Attorney

Happily Divorced is a story 20 years in the making. When their son was only six-years-old, Teresa and Bob divorced. But rather than giving up on their family, they fought for its survival. Through a series of intentional choices and consistently honoring the Golden Rule in dealing with one another, the Harlow family not only survived but thrived.

The book is written by the mom, Teresa, with the father, Bob, and son, Ian, contributing their perspectives as well. Take the journey with the Harlows as they navigate the circumstances of divorce and co-parenting to save their family.

Happily Divorced: A Journey Through Divorce & Co-Parenting by the Golden Rule

Happily Divorced is not a handbook. It offers experiences both good and bad that the divorced couple faced as they raised their son. The book is written by the mom, Teresa, with the father, Bob, and son, Ian, contributing their perspectives as well. Take the journey with the Harlows as they navigate the circumstances of divorce and co-parenting. You’ll learn how they handled the breakup, school matters, discipline, extra-curricular activities, career choices, extended family, shared friendships, new romantic interests, stepparenting, and much more.

Recommended reading for divorced parents, those contemplating divorce, their children, their families, their friends, and the professionals who support them. Also an excellent read for blended families and those seeking to improve every relationship – from the former spouse, to a co-worker, child, parent, or even an adversary.

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