Long before Covid and Zoom came along, Teresa was leading global teams. Listen now to Teresa when she’s interviewed by Amy Vaughan, Owner of Together Digital and Host of the Together Digital Power Lounge Podcast. We’re talking about Remote Team Leadership. Learn how to instill accountability, provide recognition, and create a strong team culture when leading a remote team. CLICK HERE to listen now or WATCH on YouTube.

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Teresa Harlow Together Digital Podcast
Divorce Right Inc
Teresa Joins Vicky Townsend of Divorce Right Inc to talk HR Solutions for Divorced, Step, and Single Parents

Does your company offer support or benefits for those going through divorce or continuing to co-parent with an ex-partner after a split? Teresa speaks with Vicky Townsend of Divorce Right Inc about what employers can do to support divorced, separated, solo, and stepparents.

Divorce Right Inc provides HR solutions for divorce in the workplace. Watch he replay of our LinkedIn Live Broadcast here.

Divorce Dos and Don'ts Show
Teresa Talks with Lisa Decker on The Divorce Dos and Don'ts Show

Lisa Decker is the founder of DivorceTownUSA and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst . On her first show of 2023, Teresa joined Lisa to talk about introducing new partners to your children and the ex after a divorce. Are you the new partner? Are you blending families? We have help for you too!

Mr Biz Podcast image
Teresa Talks Business Relationships with Mr. Biz®

Recently, Teresa sat down in studio with her long-time friend, Mr. Biz®, aka Ken Wentworth to talk about how to move that PITA (Google it if your unfamiliar) work relationship from combative to collaborative. Teresa shares some tough lessons she had to learn along the way which prompted her to put a great deal more emphasis on developing caring relationships with business colleagues. 

Focused Healthy Family Podcast Coparenting
Teresa Talks Co-parenting AND Stepparenting with Rosalind Sedacca, Founder of the Child-Centered Divorce Network

Rosalind and Teresa cover a lot of ground during this discussion including combative behaviors that parents exhibit which they may not think are destructive, stepparenting challenges, and some alternatives to the courts when getting a divorce. These include mediation, a service Teresa has recently begun offering.

Focused Healthy Family Podcast Coparenting
Focused Healthy Family Podcast with Teresa Harlow Cover Tips for Co-parenting during the Holidays

Gina and Don of Focused Healthy Family had Teresa on to weigh in on stepparenting and the unique challenges of co-parenting during the holidays. Listen to this episode and others available now.

Women's Wealth Podcast with author Teresa Harlow
Women's Wealth: The Middle Way Podcast Lightning Fast Interview with Teresa

Catch my short podcast interview with Carol Ann from Women’s Wealth: The Middle Way. In 12:38 flat, we cover my 4 Steps from Combative to Collaborative, applying it to co-parenting, and the unique dynamics of stepparenting.

Divorce and Other Things You Can Handle Podcast
Teresa joins Mandy Walker on "Divorce and Other Things You Can Handle" podcast

Teresa recently joined Mandy Walker for her podcast “Divorce and Other Things You Can Handle” to talk about introducing new partners to you former partner and kids. If you are co-parenting or are in a relationship with someone who has kids, click below to listen and get tips on when and how to get this right. 

Move from Combative to Collaborative Communication in 4 Steps

Toxic work relationships can destroy a business. They can inhibit team collaboration, increase turnover, cost you customers, and shatter valuable supplier partnerships. What are you doing to ensure your teams know how to prevent or diffuse hostility and move from combative to collaborative when tensions flare? In this article, Teresa shares with her NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) sisterhood her 4-step formula to transform any interaction from combative to collaborative.

Our Family Wizard Blog by Teresa Harlow
Our Family Wizard Features Teresa's "5 Tips for Correcting Course When Co-parenting..."

As Teresa has met new people in the co-parenting community, she came across a fantastic group working at Our Family Wizard, an app which provides divorced and separated parents with many tools to reduce conflict and increase collaboration. As such, she offered to write an article for their blog and they took her up on it. Read Teresa’s article 5 Tips for Correcting Course When Co-Parenting Feels More Combative Than Collaborative available now on the OFW blog. 

Coparent Academy Podcast logo
Coparent Academy Podcast - Interview with Author Teresa Harlow

Teresa Harlow, best-selling author, speaker, and coach, talks with Linda and Ron from Coparent Academy about her techniques for transforming combative relationships into collaborative partnerships. Listen at the link provided or search for the Coparent Academy Podcast wherever you get your podcasts.

Next Page Mediation Shares Review of Combative to Collaborative: The Co-parenting Code

In this article, Divorce Attorney, Mediator, and Owner of Next Page Mediation, Jim Robenalt shares his review of the book Combative to Collaborative: The Co-parenting Code from the perspective of the family professional. He also shares highlights from his one-on-one conversation with author Teresa Harlow.

Peaceful CoParent App Podcast
Peaceful Parent Co-parent Podcast - Combative to Collaborative

Looking to turn your co-parenting relationship around? This week we’re talking to author Teresa Harlow who wrote a book that focuses on how to turn a combative co-parenting relationship into a collaborative one. She’s walking the walk and has researched the topic in depth to bring you actionable insights to try today! ~Bianca Balogh, creator of Peaceful Parent co-parent messaging app. Learn more about Peaceful Parent at

NPO Article image Creating a Co-parenting lan
National Parents Organization Presents Creating a Co-parenting Plan by Teresa Harlow

Author and collaboration expert, Teresa Harlow shares with National Parents Organization the basic components of a co-parenting plan along with guiding principles to ensure buy-in of and implementation by both parents.

Amicable Academy Life After Divorce image
Amicable Divorce Network Presents Life After Divorce with Teresa Harlow

When parents move on after divorce and begin dating, it can be a very difficult period to maneuver as co-parents and for the kids. When is a good time to tell the other parent you are dating? How do you properly introduce them to your child? Get great advice, tips and from the author of Combative to Collaborative: The Co-parenting Code, Teresa Harlow.

Veronica Cravener of Podcast Podcast Episode 16: Moving from Combative to Collaborative

The Podcast, hosted by mediator Veronica Cravener, covers everything in the world of mediation. In Episode 16Teresa Harlow-author, speaker, and collaboration coachdiscusses the importance of mindset when moving from “combative to collaborative.”.

Listen to this episode to learn: the “Lessons from Mom” that mediators can use to help parties prepare for a productive mediation, Teresa’s four-step process to move from “combative to collaborative,” and Teresa’s personal experience in applying her principles with her co-parent.

Teresa Halrow Columbus Parent Magazine photo
Opinion: Ohio law encourages 'lopsided, unfair custody arrangements' that put parents at war

Teresa’s Opinion piece on Ohio’s current and proposed Shared Parenting Laws is reviewed in this article picked up in the opinion sections of both the Columbus Dispatch and the Akron Beacon Journal.

Read the full article here.

Support equal parenting in Ohio and other states. Learn more on National Parents Organization’s website

Teresa Halrow Columbus Parent Magazine photo
Teresa Interviewed by Columbus Parent Magazine

Tom Hanks of Columbus Parent Magazine recently interviewed Teresa on her new book and how she hopes it will help other parents in their co-parenting journey.

FireBreathinRob Podcast
Firebreathin' Rob Podcast Interview with Teresa Harlow

In this interview, Rob did a great job getting at the core of the challenges parents face when co-parenting together. Fast forward to about 7 minutes in and we talk about how to overcome the hurt of the failed marriage so that you can move forward and succesfully co-parent together.

Teresa Harlow with Amanda And Kelsey  on PHL17 Morning News
PHL17 Morning News with Teresa Harlow - Parenting Tips for Successful Communication

Teresa shares her tips for communication when it comes to co-parenting with morning news anchors Amanda VanAllen and Kelsey Fabian.

StepMom Magazine Cover October 2021
Teresa's Article "Co-parenting with My Stepkids' Mom" Featured in StepMom Magazine

In this article, Teresa shares how they used humor and empathy to transform their relationship.

Teresa Harlow WUSA News segment on Minimizing Mask Fights
WUSA9 Great Day Washington with Teresa Harlow - Moving from Combative to Collaborative Communication

School boards and parents are fighting over in-school mask mandates. In this video, Teresa Harlow shares her tips to improve communication and cooperation strategies between parents and communities that educate children.

No Sitting On The Sideline Dad Podcast logo
Does Co-parenting Have to Be Combative?

Put you differences aside to work together for the best interest of the children. Teresa sits down with Joe to discuss some of the ways each has worked to ensure their co-parenting relationships are collaborative and serve their purpose.

Jack Canfield - Bestselling author and Personal Development Pioneer
Bestselling Author and Speaker JACK CANFIELD Interviews Teresa on her New Book

Jack Canfield is co-author of the bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul™ series. He is a pioneer in the field of personal development and peak performance. During a recent author’s retreat, Jack took time to interview Teresa on her upcoming book Combative to Collaborative: The Co-parenting Code.

Teresa was incredibly humbled to be interviewed by Jack.  The interview will be posted in segments over the coming weeks.  Watch all video segments by selecting the “Watch” button below.

Word of Mom Radio host Dori DeCarlo
Word of Mom Radio logo
Combative to Collaborative Author Teresa Harlow on The Authors Alley on WoMRadio

Dori DeCarlo, Host of Word of Mom Radio interviews Teresa about co-parenting and her new book, Combative to Collaborative: The Co-parenting Code. Join us for The Authors Alley on September 8 at 1pmET/10amPT and then in #podcast.

WOM Radio is The Radio Show for Mompreneurs and The NEW Business Woman!

The CA$H Podcast logo
DIVORCE! ...and "The Co-Parenting Code" (Episode 47)

This week, Adam D. Koós, CFP®, CMT® discusses the topic of DIVORCE and Co-Parenting with Teresa Harlow, speaker and author of two books: Happily Divorced – A Journey Through Divorce & Co-Parenting by the Golden Rule and Combative to Collaborative – The Co-parenting Code

Adam and Teresa talk about:

  • How to build a good, collaborative relationship with your ex-spouse and children after you go through a divorce.
  • January being “Divorce Month!” – How the first Monday of the year holds the highest number of divorce applications each year.
  • How co-parenting doesn’t necessarily work for EVERYONE (and who those people are!).
The Kind Approach to Co-Parenting—with Teresa Harlow – EP17

The decision to divorce is a difficult one, especially if young children are involved. No parent wants to miss half of their kiddo’s childhood. But how do we learn to co-parent in a positive way? What strategies can divorcing couples use to create a happy life for their child AND themselves? Co-parenting expert Teresa Harlow […]

Dad Podcast
The Journey of Co-Parenting and Divorces

Joe Foley, host of the podcast series No Sitting on the Sideline Dad interviews Teresa on her book Happily Divorce: A Journey through Divorce and Co-Parenting by the Golden Rule. We talk about the journey of  divorce and co-parenting. Divorce can be hard and difficult. But does it have to be?

Things we talk about:

  • How to apply the Golden Rule to improve co-parenting relationships
  • Being creative and being flexible when co-parenting
  • How to gain time back with your children after a divorce.

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