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Teresa Harlow -- Author, Speaker, and Co-parenting Champion

I’m Teresa Harlow — author, speaker, and Co-parenting Champion.  My ex-husband, Bob, and I divorced when our son was six-years-old.  But rather than letting our family die, we found a way for it to evolve, survive, and thrive. I call our approach Collaborative Co-parenting. This approach not only allowed our son to enjoy his childhood and grow up to become a well adjusted human.  It also allowed my ex-husband and I to maintain an honest-to-goodness friendship.  We were able to care for each other in a whole new way and even allow relationships with extended family members to survive the divorce.

After watching so many parents, children, and their extended families needlessly suffer with relationships after divorce, I wanted to help.  A painful decision does not have to mean a pain-filled life!  So I wrote a book about our experience called Happily Divorced: A Journey Through Divorce & Co-parenting by the Golden Rule.  In Happily Divorced, I share how Bob and I collaboratively co-parented our son after divorce by anchoring ourselves to the principle of the Golden Rule.  Check out the Happily Divorced blog for co-parenting advice, divorce help, and step-parenting support.

In addition to the book, I now help others to improve their relationships through my speaking, workshops, and private consulting services.  My mission is to take collaborative co-parenting from being an exception to being the expectation.  Let me show you how.

Do you serve a group that could really use this information, contact me today and let’s talk about the best way to help them.