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Conflicts with family, co-workers, customers, or friends, can have devastating impacts on our health and happiness, and prevent us from living our best life.

For 30+ years, best-selling author, speaker, and coach, Teresa Harlow has been transforming combative relationships into collaborative partnerships while leading individuals and teams to achieve extraordinary results.

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A dynamic and polished public speaker, Teresa delivers a passionate and entertaining message that will leave your audience feeling inspired and empowered to improve every relationship in their lives.

Drawing on her principle of the Golden Rule and her 30 years of experience in corporate America, Teresa will help your audience to discover how to transform their most combative relationships into collaborative partnerships. Who doesn’t want to overcome awkward interactions, prevent missteps, and build truly caring relationships with those most important to us?

Whether you’re looking for a keynote speaker, leadership retreat presenter, workshop facilitator, or emcee for your entire event, Teresa’s energy and inspiring message will help your group to improve relationships with family, co-workers, friends, and even those they find most challenging.

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Combative to Collaborative:
The Co-parenting Code

Combative to Collaborative Audio Book

Bestseller in…

Family Law, Single Parenting, Stepparenting & Blended Families, Family Health, and Parenting & Relationships

“This book is a true breakthrough for co-parents struggling to positively interact or who want to get it right from the beginning. I highly recommend it!” Jack Canfield, Coauthor of Chicken Soup for the Soul

“Couples who have experienced the trauma of divorce and are trying to co-parent their children in the best possible way, will find this book extremely helpful.” Gary Chapman, Ph.D. Author of The 5 Love Languages

Co-parenting doesn’t have to be hard, or mean sacrificing either your family or your own happiness. It’s simply a matter of focus and choices.

Combative to Collaborative: The Co-parenting Code channels parents’ interactions with each other to what they really want…to be good parents together. But while most co-parenting books tell parents to just put the kids first even if that means sacrificing their own happiness, Combative to Collaborative shows parents how supporting each other as good parenting partners ensures they do what’s best for their kids while also achieving personal happiness. Move from anger, hurt, and loss to consideration, kindness, and cooperation.

You will discover:

  • How to diffuse a co-parent’s snarky behavior and avoid triggering their hostility
  • How to recognize your own combative behaviors and stop exhibiting them
  • How to plan for co-parenting collaboration and success
  • How to correct course when a relationship goes astray – even after many years of conflict!

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Watch a preview of Teresa’s interview with Jack Canfield

Best Selling Author and world-renowned motivational speaker Jack Canfield interviews Teresa on her book Combative to Collaborative: The Co-parenting Code. Watch the full interview.

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Children have a better chance at succeeding in life when both parents are actively involved with them. Still, many co-parents find it a difficult road to travel – particularly when they separate. If only someone could give you a roadmap to navigate this perilous journey.

Meet Teresa, your Co-parenting Sherpa! Teresa has over 20 years of experience co-parenting and over 30 years of experience helping others to achieve things they didn’t think were possible for them. Here on TeresaHarlow.com, you will find your roadmap to co-parenting success. Through her books, articles, presentations, and interviews, Teresa provides powerful insights and actionable steps to help you transform even your most combative relationships into collaborative ones. Are you ready to move past guilt, anger, frustration, and disappointment to a more joyful life? Are you ready to give your children the happy childhood they deserve?

Then, let’s go! A painful decision does NOT have to mean a pain-filled life.

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Teresa is dedicated to helping parents who have separated to find positive parenting solutions through conscious parenting, collaboration, and empathy. She provides practical advice on a wide range of co-parenting topics including how to achieve an amicable divorce, establish a joint custody agreement, manage long distance parenting, and what you can do if you are co-parenting with a narcissist.

Explore her blog to discover a myriad of divorce resources and co-parenting strategies that will lead you and your family toward a collaborative co-parenting experience.

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