Now Available on Amazon – Happily Divorced eBook

  Happily Divorced is now available as an eBook! Last March, I attended a gathering of media professionals, authors, and entrepreneurs.  It was my first event of any kind EVER where I was claiming the title of author.  Being surrounded for the entire week by other creative sorts was a joy as this was not …

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Co-parenting and the Holidays

For divorced people with children, the holidays serve up the added challenges of dividing time with the children between two parents, grandparents, and other extended family members and facing the devastation of missing out on precious memories with your child.  As parents, isn’t it our duty to create family traditions?  Yet that is very difficult to do when you’ve agreed to alternate holidays.  In this article I offer a preview of the Happily Divorced chapter “Happy Holidays – Are They Still Possible?

An Extra Special Happily Divorced Book Launch Surprise

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that in addition to bringing you the awesome original band, The Fiddle Revolt, live on stage, there will be another special guest in attendance.  And maybe you’re wondering who on earth this could be.  Is it another musician, celebrity, a local sports personality, or another author?

Post-Divorce Finances Are Still a Joint Venture

One way in which divorced couples may not consider they will continue to be tied is through their finances.  “What?” you say.  Why is that?  Simple.  If you have kids together, whatever your ex-spouse and you achieve or don’t achieve financially will impact your child’s life.  So if you think your times of fighting about money are over, they probably aren’t.  And even if you don’t fight about them, your spouse’s choices will affect your choices and vice versa whether you like it or not.

For some, this plays out in the forms of failed child support payments or the inability (or maybe even unwillingness) to pay half on basic expenses such as childcare, school supplies, clothing, etc.  For most of Ian’s youth, this wasn’t the case for us.  Bob and I were both gainfully employed… most of the time.  And we were both very generous with our son and interested in him having a balanced experience at both homes.  However, there were a couple of occasions where each of us made choices that impacted both of our financial pictures.

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