UPDATE: Book Previews extended through June 30, 2021

Wow! There is so much more to producing a high quality book than most people realize. Writing it is the easy part. And so I’ve slowed down the publication timeline to collect feedback and build enthusiasm, before going to market with my new book Combative to Collaborative: The Co-parenting Code. I am extending the call for pre-publication book reviewers through the end of May.

The Power of Consumer Reviews

Long before Amazon became pretty much our superstore in the past year, most of us had already come to realize that Amazon reviews can really help us make informed decisions about our potential purchases.  Book reviews have always been important to the marketability of a title. If the reviews are good and plentiful, it must be a worthy read. With this thought in mind, I’m seeking more people willing to read my book in manuscript form (PDF) and write reviews of it as I prepare to set up the book in Amazon for pre-order.

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If you are an avid reader of non-fiction or simply interested in the topic of transforming combative relationships into collaborative ones, sign up today to join my Pre-publication Advisory Board. I’ll send you the PDF right away and you’ll have until June 30 to read the book and post your review on Amazon. Once the book is published and your review posted, I’ll send you a free signed copy of it as a thank you. Sign up now by selecting the button below and fill out the form that comes up.

Be Part of Something Life-changing

This is your opportunity to be part of something that could change lives for the better. We all know kids who have been caught in the middle of parental conflicts. Maybe you were one of these kids or maybe you have dealt or are dealing with a difficult relationship. Combative to Collaborative could be the solution.

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