Happily Divorced is now available as an eBook!

Last March, I attended a gathering of media professionals, authors, and entrepreneurs.  It was my first event of any kind EVER where I was claiming the title of author.  Being surrounded for the entire week by other creative sorts was a joy as this was not my usual company in the doldrums of my full-time corporate existence working for a bank.  The week was energizing, exhilarating, and inspiring.  I came home with so many ideas, volumes of notes, and a determination to make my way up the New York Times Best Sellers list ASAP.  Then reality struck.

As I sunk back into the 9-5, or more like 8-7 routine of Corporate America, I toiled during evenings and weekends to finish the book, plan and hold a book launch, and do what I could with my remaining energy — which was about enough to carry my sorry self up the stairs to bed — to gin up some publicity.

Flash forward to mid-August and I finally got the paperback edition of Happily Divorced published.  Two months later I held the book launch.  In that time, I gave three interviews to radio / podcast hosts whom I had met back in the spring.  I was lighting the world on fire now boy!  Well me along with a lighter I had stashed deep in a pocket of my purse in the event I may someday decide to take up smoking again.

During that four day media event in the spring I had struck up a conversation with one of the presenters who had experienced loads of success with his own book.  He suggested that if I was going to target men, I needed to know they’re not very avid readers… at least not of printed books.  I really couldn’t tell you if this is accurate.  So if you are a guy who buys actual books in hard copy, I offer you my thanks and a link to my paperback. 😉 But look, this guy was making a legit living as an author.  So I figured he must know something about selling books.  With that, I decided if I was going to reach my male friends on the topic of collaborative coparenting, I would need to create both eBook and audio versions.  Well it’s taken me a while and I’m sure all you men out there have been waiting with baited breath in anticipation of this moment.  But hold onto you britches as my mom used to say.  It is 2020 and FINALLY… the eBook format of Happily Divorced – yes the one you can download to an iPad, your Kindle reader, or other ebook platforms — is AVAILABLE!

Now I know technically (pardon the pun), you’ll still be reading if you get the eBook.  But it will be a cool thing to do because you’ll be doing it with an electronic device.  No one will ever even know you are reading a book on coparenting and divorce.  So won’t you please do me a favor and inch me along my path toward that NYT Best Sellers list?  Download a copy for yourself here.  Gift one to your ex, a family member, or a friend today!  Let’s get those boys reading!

Audio book coming this spring.