For the past few months I have poured my heart and soul into my new book Combative to Collaborative: The Co-parenting Code. And now, with editing and book design well underway, it’s time to give you a preview and find out what you think. So I have decided to form an Advisory Board.


Like a Focus Group but “Advisory Board” is More Impressive Sounding

Before I put this book out into the world, I want to make sure it is a quality product that will truly help others. So I’m forming a core group of advisors to preview the manuscript. Yeah, it’s like a focus group but made to sound more important. Of course, the reality is, what I’m asking you to do is very important. If you are willing to volunteer your perspective I need your opinion and your reviews in Amazon.

From the book cover to the content, I want to hear what you honestly think of it.

The Pay Sucks but the Benefits are Priceless

The pay for this “Board” position is cheap at $0; but you will be given exclusive, free, and early access to my work. You’ll also receive a free signed copy of the book when it’s published, which, unless it really rocks, will be worth nothing. Then again, if it is awesome and wildly successful, you’ll be able to say that you were there when…

How Does it Work?

Don’t worry. Becoming a member of my advisory board is straight forward with no strings attached. Sign up by selecting the button below and fill out the form that comes up. From there, you’ll receive the book manuscript along with detailed instructions in email. Then you’ll have 3 weeks to review the book and give your feedback either in a written review posted to Amazon or in a Zoom call which I’ll host on March 30th. It’s your choice. Just note that the more written reviews I get on Amazon, the more it helps potential readers and me out.

Be Part of Something Life-changing

Look, I know I’m asking a lot for what may seem like nothing in return. But think of it as your opportunity to improve the lives of others. We all know kids who have been caught in the middle of parental conflicts. Maybe you were one of these kids or maybe you have dealt or are dealing with a difficult relationship. Let’s work together on making things better.


Click the button below now to get started!