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With the help of a Co-parenting Coach! Teresa will help you transform conflict into collaboration, raise happy kids, and reclaim your personal happiness. Together or separate from your co-parent, all sessions are virtual. Get help today!
Teresa Harlow Co-parenting Coach

Introducing the Co-parenting Course Correction Program

Want to resolve your co-parenting conflicts but don’t know how? Dealing with a narcissist? Feeling defeated or victimized?

When you’re at odds with a former intimate partner with whom you’re co-parenting, it can be tough to focus on what is important, keep your composure, and make decisions rationally between the two of you. That is where I come in. Whether you have never been able to co-parent together or have suffered some setback that has derailed your co-parenting efforts, there are always steps you can take to improve your relationship. There are many steps you can take to ensure you both continue to be good parents to your children.

As your co-parenting coach, I will help you dig down into the issues with your co-parent, separate from them, or even if they don’t want to participate. You do not have to accept that this is how things will always be. You do not have to be a victim of continued animosity. We’ll uncover the triggers for your co-parenting conflicts, what to do to avoid them, how to redirect hostility and the steps to take to get there.

As you implement your plan, I’ll be there to shepherd you along your path, correct course as needed, and arrive at a happier, more sane existence.

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Together or separate, all sessions are virtual. Get help today!

How Does Co-parenting Conflict Resolution Work?

The Co-parenting Course Correction Program is based on Teresa’s 3 Cs of Collaborative Co-parenting: Civility, Communication, and Caring. Parents meet with Teresa either together, in separate calls, or on their own for one hour per week on Zoom to work through the Course Correction steps.

  • List the co-parenting conflicts you want to address
  • Discover causes for the conflicts you’re experiencing
  • Identify options to resolve your co-parenting conflicts
  • Create a plan to diffuse hostility, address conflicts, and engage with your co-parent more amicably
  • Provide referrals to legal and other family professionals as needed
  • Meet weekly to track progress as you implement the plan
  • Revise the plan as needed to fit your real-wold application of it until you are satisfied with the results.
  • Celebrate success!

Teresa will virtually coach you together with your co-parent OR separately through the process to ensure that you have a roadmap to better co-parenting outcomes.

Want to explore co-parenting solutions on your own? Check out Teresa’s blog.

Get help with co-parenting conflicts related to...

  • Communication
  • Parenting time, holiday schedules, and vacations
  • Sharing information and notifications
  • Your child’s belongings
  • Important decisions surrounding your child
  • Alienating parental behaviors
  • Health and safety concerns, including childcare issues
  • Your child’s expenses and financial needs
  • Education
  • Discipline, setting limits, and childhood responsibilities
  • Sports, hobbies, and other extra-curricular activities your child participates in
  • Spirituality, religion, family culture and traditions, social behavior, and political differences
  • Extended family issues

NOTE: While Teresa is a credentialed family mediator, co-parent coaching is NOT mediation. This is why participation of both parents, while ideal, is not required. As a skilled coach, Teresa will call on her vast experience and understanding of your circumstances to help you craft workable solutions. Once you have created your plan with Teresa, she will happily refer you to someone in her large network of qualified legal professionals to file your plan formally with your local domestic relations court. Working with Teresa before engaging such professionals will save you money and minimize the likelihood of further aggravating your co-parenting relationship.

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