This weekend’s goal… FINISH HAPPILY DIVORCED BOOK OVERHAUL. You all might be wondering if I’m every really going to publish this book I’ve been talking about and working on for years. The truth is I shelved it for about 8 months while I contemplated how I might rewrite major portions of it. If you’re friends of mine or my son’s dad, you may have noticed that Bob became very unhappy with some of the things I had written and released on my blog. He was very distraught and found that he could no longer endorse this project going forward. He also questioned our entire friendship.

I nearly scrapped the whole project. What good is telling our story of success as co-parents and preserving our friendship all these years if when it is all said and done, publishing a book about it wrecks all of that?

So I stepped back and began rereading each chapter trying my best to put myself in Bob’s shoes. As I did this, I rewrote substantial portions of the book. I have removed several posts which have been substantially rewritten and left the ones which were more benign… I think.  I will be finishing my edits this weekend. And then I will ask Bob to take another look to see if he can support it. I really hope he can as I do think our story could help so many divorced parents and children of divorce who may be struggling to have positive relationships and achieve happiness. I also want my friend back. Wish me luck. I really do have the best intentions at heart.