School Days

One of the first things we had to encounter as recently-divorced parents was the school system. Ian entered kindergarten about 2 months after we separated. You would have thought divorce was a brand new concept. Everything from emergency information forms to grade cards was designed to accommodate parents that lived at the same residence. And this was the year 1999!

And So It Begins – Splitting Our Assets

Now it wasn’t all rosy from the beginning.  There were ugly words, failed reconciliation attempts, and at least one call to the sheriff during our tumultuous early days of separation.  I feared I would lose my son, my home, and the rest of what was important to me at any given moment.  In addition to …

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Our Road to Happiness

When Bob and I divorced, I thought it was the death of our family. Little did I know then that our family could or would take on an entirely new form – one that works for us and allows us all to be happy. In this blog, I will introduce you to our little family and share with you just how we came through our divorce, shared equally in our son’s life as he grew, and have maintained a strong friendship to this day. I’ll tell you how we’ve navigated parental decisions, family events, holidays, and even new romantic relationships. In addition to sharing our story, I will also invite others to share their stories – both the good and the bad so that we may all learn from each other and ultimately, choose happiness for our selves and our families.